Wednesday, August 19, 2015

This Makes Four

 A fun story came with this coach today:  As Ron was pulling this coach past the corner lot he accidentally ran over and broke one of her sprinklers.  Feeling bad he gave me the sprinkler and a few bucks to go and make up with the lady.  She says "Oh my!", takes the sprinkler and gives me the money back, "That's not necessary.  But thank you."  We went out to identify which sprinkler was broken and she noticed that he ran over two sprinklers.  She picked up the second sprinkler and we went over to Ron and now she says it not enough!  OK, so now I'm laughing, (It must be a "point of view" thing)  Ron says he's sorry and being a professional he shouldn't have run it over and doubles the money.  Wow, guess you got to be careful whose sprinklers you run over these days.


  1. Perhaps they're opening a "New Coach" lot.

  2. Haha, careful when running over my mom's sprinklers - the costs go up exponentially!
    Hello from Taipei.