Thursday, June 7, 2018

Tiny Mouse

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  1. Let mouse be small or big they spread diseases. Using mouse trap is a good idea, but it does not always work. Sometimes it works, sometimes not and the result is we find our damage or ripped stuff here and there. My friend stays in Connecticut. She found out that there were lots of mouse in her Bed. All her stuff over there was brutally damaged. Then she used some sprays and took it out of there. 1 week later she found out that mouse had now been in the house roaming here and there. The mouse one day, even bite her son. She took him to the Doctor immediately. Then she told her husband about it. Her husband called Exterminator Stratford CT, Pest Controllers from Connecticut. They came and Pesticide the Home. Now it has been more than 3 months no pests, she has found out yet.